Production mail


Enabling intelligent print

Production mail describes customer communications that are delivered through the postal service – such as direct mail, transactional and transpromo. For the most part, these communications are addressed to customers by name, though in some countries, unaddressed mail (for example, “to occupant”) may be allowed. Most production mail is time-sensitive, which makes lead-times from receipt of data to insertion into the mail stream a crucial factor. HP PageWide Web Presses deliver exceptional value for production mail, providing the speed and reliability needed for high-volume production in short time periods, with high print quality.
  • Bringing together data and color transforms transactional documents into transpromo communications that effectively deliver targeted marketing messages.
  • High-quality color printing and targeted offers can delight consumers and boost direct mail response rates.
  • Flexible digital production improves efficiency and cuts turnaround times, enabling cost-effective and timely offers.

High-volume commercial printing


Adding value to millions of pages

High-volume commercial printing covers the wide range of personalized or versioned communications that are produced in large volume and for which price and speed both matter greatly. These include manuals and catalogs, brochures, and other marketing collateral, such as flyers. Orders tend to come in ad-hoc, as needed by customers, rather than on a regular or predictable schedule. HP PageWide Web Presses make it possible to migrate low-value offset pages to a more flexible printing process better suited to today’s market needs and trends. Instead of long runs of static content, communications can be versioned or personalized, using variable data printing, for improved differentiation and cost-effectiveness.
  • Bound publications, such as manuals and catalogs, can be produced with reliable color and quality.
  • Personalized and versioned brochures and marketing collateral enable companies to talk directly to their target audiences.
  • HP PageWide Web Press technology produces offset- substitutable print quality, with the benefits of a more flexible digital printing workflow.



Unleashing the power of short runs

Publishing includes all types of books, including trade books, education books, science, technology and medical (STM) publishing, and journals and newspapers. All these segments have been struggling for several years with the impact of online and digital products: web-based magazines and newspapers, online content, and ebooks. HP Page Wide Web Press solutions provide a high-value alternative or complement to traditional production models. Instead of producing books in huge volumes that deliver low per-unit cost but also result in huge amounts of waste, publishers can leverage short-run digital printing to gain supply chain efficiencies, increase their agility and pursue new revenue streams.
  • High-quality offset-substitutable color and black and white production, with versatile options for papers, formats, and finishing, make HP PageWide Web Press solutions a perfect match for most books.
  • Shorter turnaround and cost-effective, customized short runs fit academic schedules for education book publishing.
  • Economic niche titles and end-of-life reprints produced digitally can help STM publishers combat shrinking margins.
  • HP PageWide Web Presses support most trade book formats, enabling cost-effective short runs with fast turnaround.
  • Cost-effective short runs enable targeted editions of newspapers and journals, as well as localized inserts and other special products.



Improving efficiency and flexibility

Corrugated packaging enables products of every kind to be enclosed, protected and presented for transportation, storage and sale. As the number of SKUs grows, and lead times shrink, corrugated converters need more versatile production platforms than traditionally provided by analog production. HP PageWide Web Press solutions combine the many benefits of preprint and digital printing into one powerful and productive solution. They enable improved in-process efficiencies and finished goods inventory management for a wide range of corrugated packaging, from brown boxes to high-quality coated boxes and large-format merchandising displays.
  • HP PageWide Web Press solutions fit existing workflows and converters.
  • High digital throughput and productivity enable a flexible replacement for large-format offset printing up to tens of thousands of boxes.
  • With no need for plates, spot color or ink mixing, transitioning between jobs is seamless.
  • Full-color digital printing adds impact to boxes at little or no extra cost.

HP PageWide Web Presses – Applications

From production mail to packaging, HP PageWide Web Presses can help you grow your offerings and your profits.