HP Service Advantage integrated tools are aimed to empower customers to proactively manage their print operations and successfully grow their business.

HP service Advantage is built on the following pillars:

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Optimized business and operational processes
  • Assertive leverage of innovative technologies and tools

HP Print Beat

HP Print Beat for HP PageWide Web Press customers is a software-based solution, which enables customers to receive a weekly performance dashboard for greater visibility and insight into their press performance. Introduced as part of the HP Service Advantage strategy, the Print Beat report enables easy access to key performance parameters, which have been recognized as key in driving continuous improvements in uptime and productivity for operation excellence:
  • Print volume
  • System health score
  • Pages per run
  • Maintenance score
  • System health score
Leveraging their HP Print Beat report, customers can benchmark their press performance to get more from their press every day.


HP Print Beat

HP Visual Remote Guidance

HP Visual Remote Guidance Service is a customized service that enables operators to resolve issues faster while collaborating virtually with a remote support engineer. Live information sharing provides an intelligent, intuitive remote support experience. The remote customer engineer can see what the operator sees and does, and can provide real-time guidance, all via the wearable computing display, enabling convenient, hands-free interaction. Real-time chat is supported with embedded translations, bringing further convenience to the remote support experience. Seamless, live access to HP best practices and knowledge base as well as HP experts worldwide extends operators’ skills and simplifies the resolution process even on demanding issues. This service is based on a Service Advantage technology, which is commercially available to HP PageWide Web Press customers.

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Symeta revolutionizes service calls with HP Visual Remote Guidance

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HP Visual Remote Guidance Service

HP Smart Uptime Kit

The HP Smart Uptime Kit for HP PageWide Web Presses is a cloud-based parts management system to help customers significantly increase uptime and productivity by enabling them to manage and access the right parts in an HP Uptime Kit. Introduced as I part of the HP Service Advantage strategy, the Smart Uptime Kit includes a dedicated PC, a barcode scanner that works with HP cloud-based parts management software, and an optional cabinet. With the HP Smart Uptime Kit, HP PageWide Web Press users can ensure their presses are up and running for maximum production capability, while minimizing the time and effort involved with looking for and identifying spare parts.

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HP Smart Uptime Kit for PageWide Web Presses

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HP Smart Uptime Kit